gSyncit v2.0


  • New! Outlook Task Sync with Google Calendars available in gSyncit v2.0
  • Sync Outlook notes, calendars, and contacts with Google services.
  • Synchronize multiple Outlook calendars, contacts, and notes folders with Google services.
  • Synchronize and filter Gmail contacts using Gmail groups and Outlook categories.
  • Synchronize contacts, calendars and notes using Outlook categories.
  • Automatically matches entries to reduce duplicates entries from being created.
  • Supports configurations for different Outlook profiles.
  • Secure sync options and tons of other sync configuration options.

Mobile Syncing with gSyncit

gSyncit can be used in conjunction with Google calendars to sync mobile content with Outlook. This is what’s referred to as using Google Services as a “data conduit”. gSyncit performs the functionality of syncing Outlook data with Google services. Then, using one of several mobile sync products available from Google, you can then sync your Google data with your mobile devices.

For those interested in syncing Outlook Notes with a Droid, gSyncit can sync Outlook notes with Google documents. Then, using GDocs on the Droid, you can edit/manage your Google document/notes from your Droid.