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Product Information

Latest Release: v3.4.1 November 2010

MAPIViewer has been updated to include a 32 and 64 bit installer. The 64-bit version was updated to support Outlook 2010 64-Bit MAPI databases.

MAPIViewer is a FREE simple to use Windows NT/2000/XP utility that provides an Explorer-like interface for browsing MAPI stores accessible via the win32 MAPI API's. If you are working with the MAPI api's then this is a MUST HAVE utility for viewing MAPI stores, folders, and message item properties, and hierarchy.

MAPI commands called by MAPIViewer are now visible on the bottom portion of the database browser.  

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Product Features

  • NEW: Shows MAPI functions as items are selected.
  • Multi-document Explorer-sytle interface for working with multiple MAPI accounts
  • Print/Print Preview of entry properties
  • View the full contents of entry properties
  • Export property values to a file
  • Save attachments to a file
  • View named properties for a store
  • Named ids now included in property lists
  • Named property information included in the view/edit dialog
  • toolbar for common tasks
  • View MAPI Store tables and attachments
  • View MAPI profiles and status tables
  • View Windows Address Book (WAB) information
  • Displays Service Admin Tables
  • Supports opeing Exchange Mailboxes
  • Supports opening .pst and .ost files

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/NT/XP