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Recent Product Updates
v1.2.25 now available  

Thank you for using TamTam SVN SCC.

Below is a list of recent product updates/enhancements. If you should encounter an issue with TamTam please let me know and I'll be sure to address it as quickly as possible.

If you're already a registered user you can upgrade to the latest release by downloading and installing the latest product install. 


v1.2.25 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected reported issue with the verify connection setting on the connection dialog when calling the SccGetProjPath() call.
  • Corrected reported issue where an extra / was appending to the repository path when calling SccGetProjPath() and using the connection dialog.
v1.2.24 Release, October 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccPopulateList() where only the fist entry in the list of files passed in would be processed. This call typically affects opening projects from source control or when requesting a list of files from a repository. 
v1.2.21 Release, March 2009
  • Corrected issue where the compare functionality in vs.net does not work properly when using the work independently option is set.
v1.2.20 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue where deleting a local file while checked out caused the status of the file to be changed back to checked in.
v1.2.19 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected internal issues with SccQueryInfo() and SccRemove() calls.
v1.2.18 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccDiff() call not handling the SCC_DIFF_QD flags and returning the properly status flags. 
  • Corrected issue with SccQueryInfo() returning incorrect status for deleted files.
v1.2.16 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccQueryInfo() call incorrectly reporting files as not controlled when locally deleted but still exists in the repository.
v1.2.15 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccGetProjPath() call where the bAllowChangePath option was not properly being applied and is some cases the user was incorrectly able to modify the local path value.
v1.2.14 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccGet() call where the checkout command was used in place of the update command when performing a recursive get request.
v1.2.11 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue with the SccGet() call when used with the recursive flag. This call failed to properly download a recursive file structure from the repository.   
v1.2.10 Release, February 2009
  • Corrected issue where the plugin fails when the subversion path does not end with a "/" when adding a solution to a repository.
v1.2.9 Release, January 2009
  • SccAdd() - Added support for the keep checked out flag
v1.2.8 Release, December 2008
  • SccPoluateList() - Corrected issue where results included directorys when it should only include files.
  • SccRemove() - Corrected issue where .~bak files were not being deleted after making this call.
v1.2.7 Release, December 2008
  • SccInitialize() - Returns the proper capability flags.
  • SccRemove() - Properly implemented based on the SCC specification.
  • SccGet() -  Added supported for the SCC_GET_ALL, SCC_GET_RECURSIVE flags.
  • SccPopluateList() - Resolved issue with the populate list call locally deleting items in the list.


v1.2.5 Release, November 2008
  • Corrected issue with the SccRemove call incorrectly deleting the local copy of a file after performing a remove.
  • Removed several unused flags returned from the SccInitialize() call.
  • Corrected memory leak when calling SccInitialize() and SCC_E_INITIALIZEFAILURE is returned when the path to svn.exe is not valid/specified.
v1.2.4 Release, July 2008
  • Corrected issue where moving controlled files within a project failed to invoke the subversion move/rename command.
  • While adding items to the repository Subversion reports an error indicating that the repository UUID's do not match. This issue appears when using Subversion v1.5.  
v1.2.3 Release, June 2008
  • Corrected issue which caused the subversion client to crash when adding a new solution to the repository and repository path ends with a "/". The svn error indicates "Assertion failed: is_canonical(path->data, path->len)..."
v1.2.2 Release, June 2008
  • Corrected issue where directories that contained "." in them would be treated as files.
v1.2.1 Release, May 2008
  • Added support for the latest 1.4.6 release of Subversion
  • Corrected issues with adding subfolders to the repository
  • Corrected issues when checking of a folder exists in the repository
  • Corrected issue where files containing ".vsscc" in the file extension failed to be checked into the repository
v1.1.27 Release, March 2008
  • Enable true atomic commits for all files within a solution/project
  • Help documentation is missing sections
v1.1.26 Release, March 2008
  • Correct bug which prevented new folders from being created and renamed in visual studio.
v1.1.25 Release, February 2008
  • Corrected a user reported issue were TamTam would appear to lock up when performing certain source control actions.
  • Corrected the build versioning to report the correct/proper product version
v1.1.24 Release
  • Fixed a bug where an internal hidden window used by TamTam for thread communication was not being destroyed causing a memory leak when then plugin is unloaded.
v1.1.23 Release
  • Fixed a bug where files added to a project where not being pulled from source control when a project file was updated from the repository and loaded into visual studio.