Recent Updates

March 2007 – I’m working on a new version of gSyncit. My first two attempts were ok but many users are still have problems with the latest install and writing entries to the Google calendar. v1.15 will remain in beta for a while until I manage to fix a few critical issues. Finding the time is the hardest part right now.

I’ve also started testing a version of TamTam for Subversion to allow for integration of Subversion source control into Visual Studio .Net. Since I’m working on this at night in my limited spare time I think I should have a stable beta ready sometime in April-May.

January 2007 – A few updates have been made to gSyncit this month to address a few user reported issues. I’m still working on few other issues and will make those changes available ASAP.

This month I also posted BugzillaNet. This is .Net library I wrote a while back and never did much with it. It’s useful for those looking to access Bugzilla through .Net.
December 2006 – Updated this website and pulled the plug on Parcel Tracker. I may pick up this product sometime in the future but the legal issues with getting the OK to legally access package tracking data is complicated and time consuming to work out. The shipping suppliers own the tracking data and don’t like third parties to repurpose the content. I may release the source code but not totally sure.

For those that are not familiar with Parcel Tracker, this product created dynamic calendar appointments in Outlook where you can use an appointment item to track the current location/status of delivery.