Product Features

  • Open From Source Control
  • Change Source ControlGet Latest Version
  • Get … (advanced options)
  • Check Out
  • Check Out … (advanced options)
  • Check In
  • Check In … (advanced options)
  • Rename (Not all applications support this feature)
  • Remove/Delete (Not all applications support this feature)
  • Undo Checkouts
  • Diff/Compare Versions …
  • File History
  • Add Projects From Source Control …
  • Get/Diff Previous Versions
  • Conflict/Diff Editor (install includes CvsConflictEditor)
  • Web Project Support (File Sharing Mode Only. See VS.Net documentation for details)
  • Automatic Module Creation
  • Perform Automatic Commits When Files Added to Source Control
  • View file history and revisions and replace local copies with previous versions
  • Automatically handles Visual Studio’s “.sak” files and keeps them out of the repository.

Pricing Information

If you’re happy with this product then please register it for ONLY $19.99 (USD).


Subversion v1.4.3 or higher.
Microsoft Visual Studio Professional or any Microsoft SCC compliant application
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista